Woman: hair loss and hair transplant

Why do women lose hair?

  • For many more diverse reasons than men
  • If the loss is of genetic origin, as in men, hair at the back of the head is preserved


Should I consult a dermatologist or a hair loss specialist?


Can hair loss be stopped?

  • The disappearance of the cause can sometimes be enough to stop the loss (ex: tellogenous effluvium)
  • Some drugs (Minoxidil) are effective for genetic alopecia


Can hair regrowth be achieved?


How to restore lost hair?

  • The hair transplanttion consists of collecting some of the hair spared by alopecia (at the back of the head, donor area) and implanting it in the bald or thinning area (receiving area)


What are the hair transplant techniques?

  • FUE technique is the most used: the follicular units (grafts) are collected one by one with a punch (manual, motorized), and reimplanted into the scalp (micro incisions, or direct injection - using an implanter, DHI)
  • The STRIP (FUT) technique is the oldest : it allows to collect a large number of grafts in a single operation, but it requires the intervention of an experienced surgeon


Advantages and disadvantages of each technique for women?

  • FUE has the disadvantage of requiring a shave of the donor area, but this can be overcome by a partial shave (the long hair from the top will cover the shaved area), or use the FUE long hair technique (no shave)
  • The STRIP (FUT) technique is still often chosen by women because there is no shaving; on the other hand, it is a surgical procedure that is much more invasive than FUE, which imperatively requires an experienced surgeon


Other ways to give a density appearance?


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