User manual

Intelligent platform for connecting patients and clinics

A "smart directory":

  • your personal sorting criteria: country, language spoken by the clinic
  • your treatment filters: various FUE techniques, implantation techniques, afro hair ....
  • your maximum budget: "flat rate" filter for the cheapest clinics, price per graft for the others (calculate on the basis of the number of grafts you need)



  • you want high density in frontal line and you think that manual FUE and direct implantation is the best combination to get it: filters "manual FUE" and "direct implantation"
  • you have a large baldness to fill, and a sparse donor area: automated FUE filter and BHT filter, or STRIP filter
  • you are a woman, interested in the FUE, but without visible shaving: filter "FUE partial shaving"

A selection of the best surgeons in Europe:

  • for the most of them, they are members of the ISHRS or FUE Europe
  • some are more renowned than others, but notoriety is not the only criterion to take into account


Choose your doctor:

  • surgeons who perform the entire transplant operation themselves, with the help of their assistants, on the basis of one patient a day
  • surgeons who supervise the graft extraction by their assistants, and who perform either direct implantation, or incisions before graft placement by the team of assistants (one or more patients per day)
  • renowned surgeons who act as medical directors and delegate procedures to other doctors of their team, who have been trained by them

To contact a clinic:

  • open a user account, download several photos showing the state of your hair loss, and click on button "request a cost estimate" in the clinic page
  • or contact the clinic directly from its own website


Request our assistance:

  • the founder operator of will help you choose your clinic
  • you can contact him by email or by phone or on WhatsApp

+33 7 60 81 43 50 WhatsApp

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