FUE robotic ARTAS

Revolutionary technology, constant quality
Full shave of the head, so rather reserved for men

Robotic FUE has entered a new era

The new ARTAS iX model can do almost everything:
  • Video map the donor area, and the recipient area
  • Dissect the grafts (up to 3000 in one session) with a punch of diameter 0.7mm to 1mm
  • Directly inject the grafts (DHI) into the area to be implanted (between primitive hair if any)
The medical team:
  • Can program the transplant according to the patients parameters (i.e hair line design)
  • Collects grafts with micro forceps, and places them into micro buckets for direct injection



For the medical team:
  • Working speed (1500 grafts per hour on extraction, 500 on implantation)
  • Reduced fatigue and errors
  • Smart selection of grafts
  • Very low trans section rate
For patients:
  • All the advantages of the FUE technique
  • Natural results, thanks to high precision
  • Donor area preserved
  • Guaranteed constant quality, independent of the expertise of the medical team


For the medical team:
  • The robot dissects the grafts, so the team must collect them with micro forceps
  • The team must load the micro buckets with the grafts, so that the robot can carry out the direct hair implantation (DHI)
For patients:
  • Price (2 € to 5 € / graft, depending on countries and clinics) slightly higher than price of automated FUE 
  • Full shave of the head, so robotic procedure is rather reserved for men
  • Dyeing white hair in black before the procedure

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