FUE manual

Manual FUE is the most accurate, if the surgeon is skilled
But it is tedious, with long operating times

The manual technique remains very used in FUE, because it is very precise, if the surgeon is of quality ; but it is tedious, with long intervention times.

Some "high-end" clinics offer only manual FUE.


  • Shaving the donor area, or full shaving of the head, local anesthesia
  • Isolation of the UFs by alternate manual rotation of the punch : the internal diameter of the punch must be chosen according to the follicular characteristics of each patient (age, skin type, hair quality of the donor area). In general it is assumed that a diameter of 0.6 to 0.9 mm is optimal, because it combines a low trans-section rate and almost invisible micro scars.
  • Extraction of FUs with micro clamps
  • Micro-incisions in the area of baldness, with a fine needle or with a micro scalpel (diameter 0.7 to 0.9 mm). N.B. With an implanter pen, no previous micro incisions are necessary.
  • Implantation in the area of baldness (high density FUE with a total of about 50 grafts per square centimeter or more).

N.B. some surgeons prepare the implantation area (micro-incisions) before isolation-extraction, others repeat the four sequences for each large batch of grafts.

  • A standard session usually allows to extract up to 1200 - 1500 grafts, or even 2000 (from 1 to 4 hair each, or 2.2 hair on average).
  • Mega sessions of more than 3000 grafts are usually performed over 2 or 3 consecutive days to treat large areas of male pattern baldness. They can collect 4000 grafts and more, under certain conditions (FUs available in the donor area, good density and good characteristics of the hair).


  • It is the "haute couture" of the FUE, because of the meticulous work it requires
  • Considered by some surgeons as the safest, most accurate, with a low trans section rate.


  • Only a number of surgeons perform the manual method and offer it to their patients.
  • The manual FUE takes longer and is therefore a little more expensive than the automated FUE (micro punch motorized).
  • Usually reserved for small and medium amounts of grafts (1000 - 1500 grafts maximum).

INDICATIVE COST : between € 2 and € 5 or € 6 per graft.

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