FUE, hair transplantation

Painless, no visible scars, grafting large areas possible with mega sessions
Longer sessions than with STRIP, preliminary shaving of donor area

FUE is the technique most in demand by patients because graft sampling in the donor area does not require such invasive (and potentially painful) surgery as the technique of the strip, and the micro scars are almost invisible.

Performed in several sessions, it adapts easily to the amount of grafts required (small, medium and large bald areas), and to the types of areas to be implanted (hair, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes), with head hair, beard hair, body hair.

This is why most clinics have refocused their offer on FUE.


  • Transplanting micro-grafts (1 to 4 hair follicular units) from the donor area (back and sides of the head) spared by alopecia (or transplanting body hair if healthy hair is not available from the scalp in the required quantities) to the area affected by alopecia.
  • Use of magnifying-glasses for the surgeon to work in augmented reality


  • Prior shaving of the donor area (integral or partial, depending on the quantity of grafts to be collected), or even of the whole head, unless the FUE long hair is used (without any prior shaving).
  • Local anesthesia of the sampling area (donor area).
  • Isolation of each graft to be removed : with a manual or automated or robotic punch, diameter 0.6 to 1.0 mm. 
  • Extraction of each isolated graft : with micro-clamps, then preservation of the grafts in a special solution, until their implantation.
  • Implantation of selected grafts: after local anesthesia of the area concerned, implantation either with micro-clamps (in the micro incisions previously made with a micro scalpel) or with an implanter pen (Choï) without prior incisions (direct implantation method), respecting angle and direction of natural hair.

  • Some surgeons practice a sequential method (repeating the 3 steps for a given amount of grafts, to avoid prolonged grafts out of the body)
  • Special case of curly, frizzy, afro hair (upper diameter punches).
  • Duration : 4 hours to one day
  • Maximum number of transplanted grafts : One day: between 1500 and 4000 according to the FUE technique and according to the clinic ...Two or three days: up to 6000 grafts
  • Durable effects : after a first phase of graft drop (normal), their regrowth occurs a few months later (from 12 to 18 months).

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