FUE, hair transplantation

Painless, no visible scars, grafting large areas possible with mega sessions
Longer sessions than with STRIP, preliminary shaving of donor area


Transplanting micro-grafts (1 to 4 hair follicular units) from the donor area (back and sides of the head, spared by alopecia) to the recipient area, affected by alopecia.

Use of magnifying-glasses for the surgeon to work in augmented reality



  • Prior shaving of the whole head, or only of the donor area (FUE patchy shaven), unless the FUE long hair is used (without any prior shaving).
  • Local anesthesia of the sampling area (donor area).


  • Isolation of each graft to be removed : with a manual or automated or robotic punch, diameter 0.6 to 1.0 mm. 
  • Extraction of each isolated graft : with micro-clamps
  • Preservation of the grafts in a special solution, until their implantation.

3. IMPLANTATION OF GRAFTS: (according to angle and direction of natural hair, after local anesthesia of the recepient area) : two techniques : 

  • Implantation in 2 steps: site preparation (micro incisions made with a micro scalpel) and placement of grafts with micro-clamps
  • Direct hair implantation with an implanter pen (Choï) without prior incisions


Sequential method : Some surgeons repeat the 3 steps several times, to avoid keeping grafts too long out of the body

Incisions before extraction: some surgeons first make incisions before performing graft extraction

Special case of curly, frizzy, afro hair .

Duration : 4 hours to one day

Maximum number of transplanted grafts : One day: between 1500 and 4000 according to the FUE technique and according to the clinic ...Two or three days: up to 6000 grafts

Durable effects : after a first phase of grafts fall (normal), their regrowth occurs a 2 to 5 months later (full result after 10 to 12 months).

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