FUE automated

Micrografting sessions shorter than with manual FUE procedure
Slightly higher risk of trans-sections compared to manual FUE

Several equipment manufacturers have developed automated devices to save time when collecting grafts, compared to manual FUE.

These are mainly motorized micro-punches for grafts isolation, and also marginally the Neograft equipement which is now outdated by the ARTAS robot.


  • It consists of a motorized handpiece fitted at its end with a punch (of 0.75 to 1.35 mm in diameter) operating in alternating rotation.
  • The alternating rotation avoids twisting the grafts during isolation sequence (the micro-punch penetrates under the dermis down to the base of the follicular bulb)..
  • Some models like the Powered Cole Isolation Device (PCID) are specially built to exclusively harvest follicles, and include a precise depth control mechanism (important to minimize the risk of follicle trauma and to lower the trans-section rate).


  • With electro-pneumatic technology NeoGraft (Punch Hair Matic of Medicamat - France), the motorized punch (0.8 to 1,0 mm in standard diameter, 1,25 to 1.4mm in diameter fro curly or afro hair) does not penetrate beyond the epidermis, because the grafts are extracted by suction through the body of the punch, and taken to a small storage tank before being implanted.
  • In a 3 hours session, up to 1500 grafts can be collected.
  • For implantation, each graft is seized by suction through a "pen implanter", and then inserted into each micro incision, by a push of the implanter's piston (compressed air).
  • N.B. However, the surgeon can, if he prefers, use micro teezers to insert the grafts into the incisions, or use a standard pen implanter (Choi).

COST : due to the time saving, automated FUE pricing (2 € to 5 per graft) are very clearly lower than with manual FUE. The micro motorized punch has become the instrument most used by surgeons.

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