Eyebrows and eyelashes

Techniques are now available fo restore eyebrows and eyelashes
Need of a regular trimming of the grafted eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyebrow or eyelash transplants are aesthetic procedures that are increasingly sought after by women.


  • Warning : the cause for sparseness of eyebrows should be assessed first (genetic problem, disease, compulsive picking habits - trichotillomania, over epilation), before planning a transplantation.
  • FUE technique (or possibly STRIP) can be used for harvesting donor hairs (from the scalp or from the body).
  • After selecting single hair follicles, the surgeon places them into the eyebrow area with similar caliber, angles and directions than the original.
  • A medium sized transplant for both eyebrows usually requires 300-500 grafts, and 800-1000 grafts for a total restoration.
  • Large framed eyeglasses can be used to hide the transplanted area, for two weeks, until eyebrows will begin to surface. The final outcome should be visible within one year.
  • Eyebrows might require trimming and contouring (mascara, gel or wax).


  • External causes of loss of eyelashes: illness, radiotherapy, accident, burns, artificial eyelashes, permanent makeup, Trichotillomania, etc.
  • Some women naturally have short, sparse or thin eyelashes, and would like to have long, thick and natural looking eyelashes.
  • Hairs are only grafted onto the upper eyelid.
  • Each single hair is introduced into the eyelid in a curved incision (same orientation as the original eyelash) and it is then cut to the right length.
  • Generally 25 to 30 hairs are transferred per eyelid.
  • In restoring the eyelashes, complications are to be expected (itches, scratching of eyes) and prevented (goggles and medication).
  • The grafted hairs need to be trimmed once a week and curled using an eyelash curler.
  • Not all patients are good candidates for this procedure.

Have a look at our selection of clinics offering eyebrows restoration in Europe

Have a look at our selection of clinics offering eyelashes restoration in Europe

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