Beard and moustache

This technique produces excellent results
Same as FUE versus STRIP

It is a procedure which is gaining popularity, as beard is a masculine symbol that is sometimes even more important than hair.


1) From the scalp : 

  • It is possible to increase beard density, or to create a full beard, by using some of the scalp hair as donor (FUE or STRIP method).
  • The surgeon implants hair follicles (each of one to two hairs) into extremely fine incisions (0.7 or 0.8 mm) previously made in the receiving area (beard, moustache), or by using an implanter (DHI).
  • The hair is cut to a length of one cm, in order to perfectly adjust its orientation in the incision. The aesthetic result is immediate.

2) From the beard :

  • Compared to head hair, beard-hair is usually coarser, thicker and rarely as straight, the pigmentation may be different, and beard follicles usually are of one hair.
  • FUE : if the easiest way is to take hair from the back of the head, the other option is to harvest beard hair from under the chin, below the jawline.
  • There the hair is of the right kind, and in favorable conditions 700 grafts can be harvested in one session (potential of over 2000 grafts from the same patient). 

3) From the body : body hair is usually finer (chest, legs)


  • After a beard transplant, the patient is restricted to a diet of soup during the first few days (to avoid displacement of hair follicles when chewing food).
  • To create a goatee, it will require 1200 – 1500 grafts, to create a full beard, 2500 – 3000 grafts.

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