Man: hair loss and hair transplant

Why do men lose their hair?

  • In general, it's of genetic oirigin, but hair at the back of the head is preserved


Should I consult a dermatologist, or a hair loss specialist?


Can hair loss be stopped?

  • Some medicines (Finasteride, Minoxidil) are effective, and recommended before a hair transplant


Can hair regrowth be achieved?


How to restore lost hair?

  • The transplantation consists of removing hair spared by alopecia (at the back of the head, donor area) and implanting them in the bald area, or thinning (receiving area)


What are the transplantation techniques?

  • The FUE technique is the most commonly used: it consists in taking the follicular units (grafts) one by one with a punch (manual, motorized, robotic), and reimplanting them in micro incisions, or by direct injection into the scalp (HID, using an implanter)
  • The technique of the strip is the oldest, it allows to collect a large number of grafts in a single operation, but it requires the intervention of an experienced surgeon


How to find a good density on the front line?

  • It takes a sufficient number of grafts to ensure a density of 35 to 50 grafts per cm2 (depending on the characteristics of the hair), a low trans-section rate (technical, clinical), and a good rate of regrowth (preservation protocol grafts during grafting, blood supply, PRP ..)


How to cover a large baldness?

  • When the donor area has good potential (5000 or 6000 grafts or more) it is reasonable to harvest up to 3500 - 4000 grafts in one sitting
  • To transplant a large number of grafts, it is generally recommended to proceed in at least two sessions, consecutive or spaced several months apart


Which options in case of a weak or non-existent donor area?

  • Optimize the distribution of grafts available in the donor area by focusing on part of the recipient area (frontal line, or vertex)
  • Complete with facial hair (beard hair) or body hair (chest, back, legs) (BHT)
  • Use the technique of micro pigmentation to give yourself a complete shaved look
  • Do a tolerance test with biofibers
  • Try custom-made hair systems, made of supple hypoallergenic skin that does not require bonding and breathe.


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