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22 March, 2018 : Cosmetic Derma Medicine in Limassol (Advanced Hair Clinics), Cyprus

As promised, I said I would give you an update following FUE surgery at Cosmetic Derma Medicine in Limassol, Cyprus.

They provided a first class, very professional service complete with PRP and after treatment medication incl. Nanogen shampoo and Minoxidil spray. The team were very informative and helpful.

The surgeon was clearly very dedicated and knew exactly what she was doing, and quickly dealt with any pain issues during surgery using blocking anaesthetic. She used an implanter, and her assistant was there to prepare the grafts prior to implantation.

Clear instructions were provided on what to do following surgery. They also produced a letter to allow me to take the post-surgery products (over 100ml) through airport security as I was only using hand luggage....

Total cost was 2500 Euros for 2000 grafts. The same number of grafts in England would of cost £8 - 10K so I am well pleased. Easyjet flight was only £120, accommodation for 2 nights just € in total huge saving was made.

I would certainly highly recommend this clinic. Plus everyone speaks English and you get 25 degrees in March. Drive time from Paphos Airport to Limassol is around 40 minutes - there is no shuttle bus service and therefore either use a taxi or hire a car.

Hope this helps.


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