Cost of a hair transplant ?

How much does a hair transplant cost in Europe ?

1. What you need to know to compare clinics rates :

Billing is usually calculated on the basis of the number of transplanted grafts :

  • Clinics apply a pricing per unit, decreasing as the number of grafts increases.
  • This decreasing rate varies also according to the technique used (i.e : automated FUE is less time consuming than manual FUE, or robotic FUE is obviously at a cost but it saves time).

Some clinics specializing in medical tourism offer flat rates and packages :

  • These clinics, located in Turkey in particular, rely on medical tourism
  • Their FUE rates and packages (hotel, transfers, interpreting, follow-up over one or two years, a second session of PRP..) take little or no account of the number of grafts.


2. What are the benefits of clinics that charge by the number of grafts ?

The majority of surgeons of excellence charge by the number of grafts :

  • This is true in all European countries, including in Turkey..

Benefits of Clinics of Excellence ?

  • Identified surgeons, with a published biography, and an international reputation
  • Recognized skills : by their peers (scientific publications, participation in international congresses...) ; by patients (reviews published)
  • Very good knowledge of hair transplant techniques (few grafts damaged by trans-sections, a good rate of regrowth of viable grafts, no excessive harvesting in the donor area)
  • The personal involvement of the surgeon in the transplant procedure, good sanitary conditions
  • With FUE, preliminary shaving of the hair adapted to the expectations of the patients, very important especially for women.

3. Are clinics offering flat rates and packages reliable ?

Those listed on have been selected for their reliability

  • In Turkey (packages from 2000 € to 2500 €, up to 4500 grafts)

And the other clinics, unlisted ?

  • Very important to avoid low-cost clinics that entrust the collection of the grafts and their implantation to technicians, more or less well trained, little or not supervised by a competent surgeon, without guarantee on the rate of regrowth, which in some cases is very weak.
  • In all cases, make sure that there is at least one identified doctor, reasonable potential in the donor area ....

4. Which countries should be preferred, and for which rates with FUE technique ?

For residents in Europe :

  • Look carefully at the local opportunities before considering a trip, because proximity has many advantages (examination at the clinic, planning the transplant over several sessions, postoperative follow-up)
  • You can find very competitive prices nearby, for example in Spain and Portugal (from 2 € / graft), Belgium and Germany (from 2.5 €), France (from 3 € / graft ) ..

For patients residing outside Europe :

  • Expect to pay from 1 € to 2 € (Russia) ; from 1.5 € to 3.5 € / graft (Turkey, Cyprus, Hungary, Romania); from € 2 to € 5 (Portugal, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy) ; from € 3 to € 6 ++ (Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland)
  • Flat rates also, in some countries like Turkey (2000 € to 2500 €, up to 2000 - 4500 grafts), but look at who are the doctors.
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