Tell us about your experience !

Your hair transplant story can be very informative for others..

Tell us about your experience !

It is not a question of feeding a new forum (there are already many), but to detail the way a hair transplant is performed, and your views, for example :

  • Transplant with the ARTAS robot (a technological advance ?)
  • Female hair transplant (partial shaving ? long hair transplant ? )
  • African hair transplant (with a FUE ? STRIP technique ?)
  • A large baldness in a senior patient
  • An intelligent planning of successive transplants (taking into account the evolution of baldness, increasing density in steps ?)

And biofiber implants ?

Also, tell us what non-surgical technique you have experienced :

  • Micro pigmentation of the scalp
  • PRP, laser, mesotherapy

Difficulty in identifying your type of alopecia ? Do we have to be over 25 years of age for a hair transplant ?

Send us your stories to :

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