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7th Congress of FUE Europe in Malaga, Spain, 26-28 April 2018.

I had the exceptional opportunity to attend the Malaga Congress and to meet with the doctors and other participants (120 people attended).

So well organized, most interesting presentations by outstanding speakers, and the last morning in a surgery room of the BHR Spain clinic (actually Galves Hospital, close to the cathedral), watching a hair transplant being performed.

On top of it, a memorable gala dinner in an exclusive place, and coffee breaks and luncheons were also a great occasion to meet people.

Not to mention the fact that being located in the historical center of Malaga made it even more enjoyable.

It has been my first "live" opportunity to tell people about, and the idea of having a platform dedicated exclusively to European hair transplant services was welcome by all those I have discussed with.

Jean-Luc WALLER (Director,

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