Our values

We put ourselves in the place of those who are considering a hair transplant.

It is the interest of the patients that takes precedence in our approach, before any marketing consideration.

First objective : to provide a list of clinics of excellence in Europe, selected on the basis of a distinction by specialized organizations (ISHRS, FUE Europe, WFI), without excluding of course renowned and reliable clinics that are not members of these organizations.

Then, we try to help patients in all the stages of their research :

  • Understand the procedures in detail, to clearly identify the effective answers to each personal expectation (Eg, a woman will not want a visible shaving in FUE, and she is right ; a person with Afro hair will have a hard time finding a FUE solution, but this solution exists ...).
  • Differentiate the clinics according to their offer, to understand what they propose, beyond the pricing : who are the surgeons? Is the transplant performed / supervised personally by a surgeon ? Are the methods presented as innovative really so ? etc...
  • Intelligently addressing the budget issue : having good visibility on pricing, but comparing what is comparable ; focus on quality, and on planning of transplant sessions ; take into account postoperative follow-up (proximity).

Our approach is therefore willing ot be rigorous and ethical.

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