Our story

A short story, indeed, but an initiative already well received

When you are expatriate on other continents, you are very sensitive to health issues, for yourself and for your family (not easy to choose from unknown hospitals and clinics).

You also notice that many people are travelling to seek treatment abroad, either because they are looking for sophisticated and reliable treatments, or because they want to size some good pricing opportunities, or both.

Jean-Luc Waller, an expatriate for many years in the French diplomatic services, promoted France, and therefore Europe, from Asia, Africa and North America.

He has experienced these health issues, and he has seen that the Internet can be a particularly effective tool to facilitate research and guide choices.

He launched Hair-Clinic.eu in 2016 because Europe is an excellent place to achieve a personal dream: to regain one's natural appearance, and to plunge into the heart of beauty ....

Our story is still a brief one, but our initiative has already generated many encouragement from international users of hair-clinic.eu, from European hair restoration clinics, and from FUE Europe medical association.

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