Our ambition


Promoting the medical excellence of Europe ..

The European medical platform is one of the most sophisticated in the world.

It can meet the expectations of local residents and be very appealing to medical tourism (high expertise at competitive rates).

It aims in the long term to specialize even more in sophisticated services in the field of health, body aesthetics, care for the elderly ...


Targeting a popular field of medical aesthetics...

No need to be part of the celebrities to love giving of ourselves a pleasing appearance, elegant, flattering to the various circles that we meet (family, friends, work colleagues), or those we meet virtually through social networks.

This explains the worldwide success of cosmetic care and treatments, of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Hair restoration, in particular, is a problem that affects a large number of men, and also women, on every continent.

Helping our users choose their clinic ...


When the creator and operator of Hair-Clinic.eu, JL Waller, was an expatriate for his career in various countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America, Africa, he personally experienced the difficulty of finding local information on the quality and cost of medical services.

Comparing doctors, dentists, surgeons, hospitals or clinics to make a relevant choice is not an easy process, when little information is available about their qualifications and their rates.


..with our portal Hair-Clinic.eu

This portal aims to inform our visitors about the different types of hair loss restoration treatments (medical and surgical), and to facilitate their pre - selection of European clinics (advanced criteria).

Each user can then easily email to pre-selected clinics a request for information, rates, reservation, and attach a personal profile (with photos), which will allow each recipient clinic to make a proposal online, decisive for the final choice.

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