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  • Mehmet Göker, MD, dermatologist, supervises the medical team in charge of hair transplants
  • Team of 8 (3 specialists and 5 assistants)
  • Mine Sirin, Team Leader, Hair Transplant “FUE Manual Specialist”
  • Kolan International Hospital. 

Team : doctor, Mine Sirin, and colleague

INTERNATIONAL PATIENTS : English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian spoken

  • FUE Manual: 12-13 patients / month (1 day session or 2 days session). 
  • FUE Micromotor: 3 patients / day


  • FUE Micromotor – Slit: 1.690 Euro
  • FUE Micromotor – Sapphire: : 1.990 Euro
  • FUE Micromotor – DHI: 2.190 Euro
  • FUE manual : 1.30€ / graft


PRP : Platelet Rich Plasma : it stimulates the body’s natural healing factors, and it can stop hair loss. It can take up to six to twelve months to see the results of PRP visually.

Mesotherapy : It regulates blood circulation in the scalp, preventing split/damaged ends. It also stimulates the formation of new hair follicles.


Our best product is the Manual FUE, a technique that not everyone can do because of its unique art work. There is less damage in the donor area, hence more chance of the follicles to survive during the transplant.

Extraction :

  • FUE manual: our FUE Manual Specialist, Mrs  Mine Sirin, can extract approximately 2500-2800 in 1 day. Most of our Manual operations are split over 2 consecutive days.
  • FUE Automated : Micromotorized punch, up to 4000 Grafts in 1 Day
  • Partial shaving is possible and the amount of Grafts depends on the need of the patient

Implantation :

  • Slits: standard technique for site making
  • Sapphire blades : designed to make smaller incisions in the recipient site. The use of sapphire blades minimizes scab formation in the surgical site, and shortens the recovery time in FUE hair transplant procedures.
  • DHI Direct Hair Implantation: an implanter (Choï) is used to control the depth, angle, and direction of the transplanted hair to give your new hair a natural look. It is a safe procedure with less complication risks, and a very high rate (over 90%) of hair survival.

We do not do BHT  (body hair transplant), in order to guarantee the best results.

BEARD : to restore the hair loss in mustache and beard areas, with FUE technique

EYEBROWS : Eyebrow transplantation is technically a difficult surgery.The desired shape of the eyebrow must be designed and planned prior to the surgery. 

Mesotherapy (enquire) na
FUE automated (flat rate) 1690 € - 2190 €
FUE manual (1000 - 3000 grafts) 1300 € - 3900 €
  • Clinic specialized in hair transplants
  • Online consultation
  • Clinic organized for medical tourism
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