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Dr T Hair Transplant Clinic, Istanbul

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Özel Medistate Kavack Hst - Istanbul - 34805 - (Turkey)
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  • Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu, MD, surgeon, 20 years of experience, about 7.000 hair transplants, with FUE from 2005. 
  • Dr. Sait Gökhan Bircan, ISHRS, surgeon
  • The doctors carry out themself the critical steps of the hair transplant


  • Online consultation, and all included : transfers, accommodation in a five star hotel
  • Personal consultation with Dr. Oguzoglu, hair analysis and hair transplantation 
  • Your personal English speaking assistance during your entire stay.

PRICES : around 1€ / graft (enquire) and 1,5€ for FUE patchy shaven.


  • MESOTHERAPY : You may need as many as 10 sessions over a period of four to six months before you see significant results
  • PRP : Platelet Rich Plasma : treatment takes about 20 minutes to complete.
  • CELL THERAPY is planned 1 day before hair transplant surgery, to powerfully support transplant hair and existing hair.


FUE MANUAL : Punches of a diameter 0.6-1.00 mm, up to 1500-2000 follicular units in one session.

FUE AUTOMATED : Micro motorized punches (diameters ranging between 0,6-0,9 mm), up to 3000-3500 follicular units in a day.

FUE PATCHY SHAVEN (partial shaving) :

  • Shaving the back of the head is limited to the width needed to provide the required number of grafts (manual FUE)
  • Usually the top hair can easily hide the shaved area.

BHT :  for Body Hair Transplant, motorized micro punch during the extraction of follicular units from shoulder or chest.

Mesotherapy (request price) na
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) (request price) na
Body hair transplant (BHT) (per 1000 grafts - price list) 1500 € - 2500 €
FUE patchy shaven (per 1000 grafts (auto or manual) - list) 1000 € - 2000 €
FUE motorized (per 1000 grafts - price list) 1000 € - 1000 €
FUE manual (per 1000 grafts - price list) 2000 € - 2000 €
  • Clinic specialized in hair transplants
  • Member of international associations of experts
  • Online consultation
  • All inclusive (treatment and accommodation)
  • Clinic organized for medical tourism
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