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Clinica Epitouch, Madrid

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Calle Alonso Heredia, 13 - Madrid - 28028 - (Spain)
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  • Doctor Mauricio Verbauvede, Doctor of Medicine, specialist in plastic, aesthetic and restorative surgery, 26 years of plastic surgery.
  • Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery - ISHRS.
  • Dr. Antonio Fernandez is the other surgeon in the hair transplant department of this cosmetic surgery clinic.

MEDICAL TOURISM: customers from all over Europe, online consultation after studying the patient's photos and drawing up a quote. English, Spanish other languages.


  • Manual FUE up to 2500 grafts : 4800 € (1.9 € / graft)
  • FUE robotic up to 3500 grafts : 7800 € (2,2 € / graft)
  • Biofibres: 3 € / fibre.




  • The ARTAS robot allows high speed, accuracy and transplant efficiency.
  • It significantly reduces the time required and ensures greater accuracy.
  • In one day, Dr. Mauricio Verbauvede can transplant up to 4000 follicular units using the robot.
  • The donor area is shaved at the beginning of the procedure.

FUE MANUAL : Extracting hair one by one is necessarily a slow process when done manually.


  • Allows to limit the shaved area to the strictly necessary, and then cover with the length of the upper hairs
  • Appreciable for women and for men who want the operation to remain discreet.

STRIP : technique of the strip.


BIO FIBRES: the implantation of biocompatible inorganic hair can be used in case of low density of the hair, or to obtain an immediate aesthetic result, or to reach a high capillary density. Up to 3000 biofiber implants in one day.

Beard and moustache (enquire) na
Biofibres (artificial hair) (per 1000 fibres with test - price list) 3000 € - 3000 €
FUE patchy shaven (2000 - 2500 grafts - price list) 4500 € - 4500 €
FUE robotic ARTAS (up to 3500 grafts (2,2€ / graft) - price list) 7800 € - 7800 €
FUE manual (up to 2500 grafts (1,9€ / graft) - price list) 4800 € - 4800 €
  • Clinic specialized in hair transplants
  • Cosmetic surgery clinic
  • Member of international associations of experts
  • Online consultation
  • Clinic organized for medical tourism
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