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4 Avenue de la Jonction - Brussels - 1060 - (Belgium)
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  • Dr Christian Bisanga is considered to be at the top of his field world wide, providing hair transplants to the highest global standards.
  • Dr Naoille Ouriaghli is teaming with Dr Bisanga, International clientele throughout Europe, North America, The Middle East & Asia. 
  • Dr Bisanga and Dr Ouriaghli are members of the ISHRS - International Society of Hair Restoration, and recommended by The American Hair Loss Association.
  • Dr Bisanga is the current President of FUE-Europe

PRICING : (add VAT 21%)

- Dr Bisanga :

  • FUE manual : The first 1000 grafts at €5.00 / graft, all additional grafts at €3.00 (example : 2500 grafts : 9500 Euros) 
  • STRIP : The first 2000 grafts at €3.00 / graft, all additional grafts at €2.00

Dr Ouriaghli : FUE automated, 2,5€/graft




  • Still a very good option especially for men with advanced thinning, looking for the maximum hair coverage with minimum inconvenience.
  • The donor area is sutured to leave a thin, almost invisible line, that the surrounding hair grows through and over to cover.
  • 4000 plus grafts and even up to 6000 grafts, one of the largest FUT sessions successfully performed worldwide and the largest in Europe.
  • Even large Strip procedures termed as a Mega Session, 4000 FU plus, can be repeated over again if the donor area is suitable.


  • Between 1500 and 2500 grafts can be extracted and placed in one day (punch  0.75 or 0.8mm diameter).
  • More important than the amount is the yield or regrowth rate, so the amount will vary from person to person.
  • Good option for patients with minimal thinning, and for those who have undergone multiple “older” procedures and their donor area is impaired.

BHT Body Hair FUE : recommended in cases where there is insufficient scalp donor hair.

Medication (enquire) na
FUE automated (1000 - 4000 grafts -price list VAT incl) 3000 € - 12000 €
FUE manual (1000 - 2500 grafts - price list VAT incl) 6000 € - 11500 €
STRIP, with trichophytic closure (2000 - 4000 grafts - price list VAT incl) 7200 € - 12000 €
  • Clinic specialized in hair transplants
  • Member of international associations of experts
  • Online consultation
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