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Konstantinou Ventiri 5 - Athens - 115 28 - (Greece)
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A hair transplant in the land of light


  • Dr Anastasios Vekris, Plastic Surgeon, worldwide expert in hair transplantation, member of the ISHRS
  • Founder and CEO of "Cosmetic Derma Medicine" Medical Group
  • Medical Director of "Advanced Hair Clinics", a branch of the Medical Group

  • Other doctors performing hair transplantsDr Mamali, Dr Dalianoudis, Dr Andriopoulou, Dr Zampoulaki
  • Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura, dermatologist  
  • Medical team : 20 assistants, technicians, nurses..
  • Main clinic in Athens, other clinics in Kifissia, Glyfada,Thessaloniki, Patra, Rhodes

MEDICAL TOURISM : online consultation, international patients, multilingual team and website.


PRICES : FUE automated

  • One day session : 3800€ up to 3000 grafts
  • Two days session : 6800€ up to 6000 grafts

HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS : medication - PRP (350€ / session)

HAIR TRANSPLANTS : including for afro hair

1. Extraction : FUE automated

  • Full shaving : up to 2500-3000 grafts per day, 5000-6000 grafts over 2 days
  • Partial shaving of donor area : up to 1500-2000 grafts per session
  • Unshaven  FUE  long hair for patients (women, men) who want to avoid the usual prior shaving of the FUE : up to 1000-1200 grafts per session
  • BHT : facial (beard) or body  (chest) hair transplant

See patient right after surgery : 

Watch FUE LONG HAIR (UNSHAVEN) on this video :

2. Implantation : Direct hair implantation with implanter  (DHI)


BEARD : FUE technique (automated)

EYEBROWS : FUE technique (automated), up to 1000 grafts

SCARS RESTORATION : FUE technique (automated) to hide scars from FUT (SRIP) technique

+30 210 6980451

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) (per session) 350 € - 350 €
FUE automated (3000 - 6000 grafts) 3800 € - 6800 €
FUE patchy shaven (enquire) na
FUE long hair (enquire) na
Beard and moustache (enquire) na
  • Clinic specialized in hair transplants
  • Cosmetic surgery clinic
  • International chain of clinics
  • Member of international associations of experts
  • Online consultation
  • Clinic organized for medical tourism
Strong points
  • International expert
  • Very well organized for medical tourism
  • 6 clinics in Greece
  • Large medical team


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