Afro hair: transplant techniques

What is the cause of afro hair loss?

  • Very often the traction alopecia, due to the tearing of the hair by the braids, or the mats
  • The loss may also be related to other reasons, for example of genetic origin


Should I consult a dermatologist or a hair loss specialist?


Can afro hair loss be stopped?

  • In the case of traction alopecia, the disappearance of the cause (traction) may sometimes be sufficient, otherwise the hair transplant is required
  • Some drugs (Minoxidil, Finasteride) are effective in treating genetic alopecia


How to get back lost hair?

  • The transplant involves taking hair from the back of the head (donor area) and implanting it in the bald area (receiving area)


What are the transplant techniques for afro hair?

  • FUE technique requires a specific and experienced gesture to extract afro hair, because roots are curved under the dermis, resulting in a higher risk of trans-section, and there is need for a prior individual test
  • The strip technique is still very much used for afro hair, because the risk of trans-section is lower with a trained team, and it is possible to collect a large number of grafts in one session


Advantages and disadvantages of each technique for afro women?

  • FUE has the disadvantage of requiring the shaving of the donor area, and harvesting is often limited to 1000-1500 grafts per session
  • The strip technique is still very often chosen by Afro women because there is no shaving; but surgical intervention must be performed by an experienced surgeon


Other techniques to give a density appearance, without hair transplant?


How to choose a clinic for an afro hair transplant?

FUE afro hair transplants

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